The Aeroponic Difference

Growing responsibly

IsoCanMed Inc. has chosen aeroponic growing using an unique vertical aeroponic system (VAS). Our system consists of maintening the roots of the plant in the air using high aeroponic towers whereby nutrient-enriched water is sprayed on them periodically. Roots grow in the air, and this enables a great exposure to oxygen.

Our system is sustainable as it needs lower inputs of water and nutrients in precise amount of both items needed by the plant at each phase of its development. Plant nutrition is supplied into a closed circuit and consumption is consequently limited to only the quantities absorbed by the plants, allowing for substantial water savings. No soil is used in our facility.

times less water consumption

Our aeroponic equipment is sheltered within our facility hence climate and air controls that ensure optimal growing conditions.

times less energy required

We chose aeroponic growing because it is safe and ecology friendly for producing natural, healthy plants and crops. The main ecological advantages of aeroponics are the conservation of water and energy. As aeroponics is conducted in air combined with micro-droplets of water, any plant can grow in matury in air with plentiful supply of oxygen, water and nutrients.